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Common Volleyball Injuries and Prevention

In general, patella (knee) tendinitis is the most common volleyball injury. Other typical injuries include: Shoulder tendinitis, bursitis, and impingement syndrome

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Ankle injuries are the most common injury to volleyball players and responsible for the most lost playing time. Ankle sprains should be immobilized for as short as time as possible to allow for quicker rehabilitation. Every ankle sprain needs an 8-week course of daily rehabilitation exercise to decrease the risk of re-injury.

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Fingers are vulnerable to injury during volleyball activities, such as blocking, setting, and digging. Common finger injuries include fractures, dislocations, and tendon and ligament tears. If you are unable to bend the finger, consultation with your sports medicine professional or athletic trainer is important.

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Although the most widespread type of volleyball injury overall is ankle sprains, beach volleyball in particular has its own set of unique concerns. In addition to issues caused by foreign bodies in the sand (such as lacerations to the foot and toes caused by shells or glass), “sand toe” is another cause for concern.

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A comprehensive training program can help young volleyball players stay injury free and on the court. Common Volleyball Injuries. Some of the most common volleyball injuries that occur in volleyball include: Shoulder injuries — Constant use of the arms can cause volleyball players to suffer from: Shoulder irritation and inflammation, specifically in the rotator cuff muscles. Rotator cuff tendonitis or tears.

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Like ankle sprains, most ACL injuries in volleyball players occur when a player lands awkwardly after jumping. Usually, if you hear a ‘pop’ followed by swelling of the knee you should go ahead and be seen by a physician to get an examination. Often an exam and an MRI are what's needed to confirm the ACL injury.

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The sport of volleyball is a very physically demanding sport, regardless of what position you play. Across all positions, there are 4 common injuries that volleyball players suffer from. They are lateral ankle sprains, muscle strains, patellar tendinopathy or “Jumper’s Knee”, and shoulder overuse injuries. The positions that are at the highest risk of injuries are outside hitter, followed by middle blocker, libero, setter, then opposite.

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The pain was debilitating. It began, according to Husker volleyball head coach John Cook, at the start of the NCAA Tournament in April 2021. “I was ready to shut her down but she didn’t want to. She was hurting,” Cook said. Senior middle blocker Lauren Stivrins talked him out...