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23 Basketball Team Offense Drills

Cutting Drills. Motion Offense Drill: Teaching Effective Cuts and Movements At Beginning of Season. 1 on 1 Zipper Cut Drill. 5 Seconds to Get Open 1v1. 3 Drill Progressions to Get Open. Fill and Read The Defense. Screening Drills. Pick and Roll Drills. Competitive 1 on 1 Shooting Drill To Teach Curls & Fades. 3v3 Away Screens. 3v3 Back Screens. Ball Movement Drills

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Basketball Offensive Drill - Swing passing, cut and finish at the rim. This drill works on a multitude of offensive basketball skills. Quick accurate passing, good movement, footwork and cuts, and finishing at the rim. It encourages players to make good, hard cuts to the basket and then finish.

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The drill starts with a pass to either coach (on the sidelines). The offensive players are not allowed to use screening or dribbling, instead using spacing, timing of cuts and communication to get open and score. The offensive players can pass the ball back to the coaches at any time, so essentially it is 4-on-2.

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Many of these drills are applicable to any motion offense - 3out-2in, 4out-1in, 5out, etc. and help teach players how to "play the game". After running some of these drills, play 4-on-4 or 5-on-5 half-court to reinforce things. Make the 4-on-4 and 5-on-5 drills competitive with losers doing push-ups.

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Catching and Facing Drill. Catching and Facing Drill. Get your players in a line, and tell the first player to hit you (the coach) up top, get open, and catch and face. Right-handed players should establish their left foot as their pivot foot; left-handed players should use their right foot as their pivot foot.

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The drill begins with the defender playing tight on the player who starts with the basketball. The offensive player utilises pivots and fakes to make a pass to the other offensive player while the defensive player attempts to deflect or steal the pass. After each pass is made, the defender sprints to the receiver and plays tight defense again.

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The thing that differentiates one motion from another is the rules and philosophy that each coach installs. Here are some specific motion offenses that employ certain rules and philosophies: The Dribble Drive Motion Offense. 5 Out Cutters Offense. Open Post Offense - Motion Offense, Diagrams, Drills, and Plays. Duke Motion Offense.

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The drill is played in the half court and involves 10 players, 5 on offense and 5 on defense. Players are not allowed to dribble or move with the ball. They must only pass. Screening is allowed and players without the ball can move freely. The goal of the drill is not to try and score a basket. The offense scores 1 point by reversing the ball from one side of the court to the other or by passing to a player who has two feet inside the lane.